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With delicate care 24 year-old levi boon writes softly layered alt-folk songs bringing light to the introverts. Sharing her head spirals about looking into the past, letting go of restlessness and finding comfort in the unknown. Inspired by folk artist from the past and present like Nick Drake, Carole King, Feist and Bon Iver. levi’s music can be fragile but self assured at the same time, trying to find a balance between the two. With her warm tone she creates a calmness in the room that makes you hold your breath.

Collecting and preserving memories, that’s what music is all about according to levi. Writing down unpolished and raw emotions to secure the moment and to be able to let them go. A tendency to fall into melancholy is heard throughout her songwriting.   

At the end of 2023 her debut EP ‘the grand scheme of things’ will be released. Recorded partly by herself and co-produced with Viktor van Woudenberg (The Tell). At first not with the intention to ever be released but as more people joined the project became bigger. The songs are about intimate relationships, early twenties, questioning everything at once, breaking down and building things back up.

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